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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a model in which the products of brands that mostly sell their products online are announced and sold to the end-user through promotional websites which are also known as publishers and only the commission is paid through this sale (Cost Per Sales). In the Affiliate Marketing model, you don’t have any costs other than the sales generated. Therefore, you do not have to pay an advertising price for display or clicks. This makes the Affiliate model the most risk-free model these days.

AffOcean team, our Affiliate Marketing brand, shares a reconciliation report at the end of each month for the sales made and you make the payment after deducting the cancellations and returns that occur after the sales. In this model, brands pay commission only for the actual sales, not for the sales that did not occur.

Affiliate Marketing is developing apart from the e-commerce field and serves many different industries in different models. It has a variety of industry-specific marketing models such as Cost Per Lead for a construction/health/tourism company, Cost Per Install for a mobile application, Cost Per Register for a gaming company.

Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing operates by identifying and analyzing users and targeting them according to their needs and previous behaviors. It is publishing the ads which are most relevant to what users are searching by interpreting their cookies, the sites they visit, and their general internet behavior in particular via using the right brand, product, and visuals. As Ad Venture Digital, we provide this service to many brands and media planning agencies with our technology partner and the biggest Adtech in Europe, AdformDMP (Data Management Platform), especially in programmatic buying in digital marketing processes.

Programmatic Buying

Today Programmatic Buying is one of the most popular digital marketing models. Thanks to this model, the whole internet universe is brought together. Hundreds of websites, adexchanges, adnetworks come together and ads can be published throughout the internet universe. Ads can be displayed to targetings from all inventories through user-oriented ads with ads based on data, cookies, behavioral targeting and ads based on interest. Compared to conventional purchasing, you don’t waste your money in online advertising because you will show your ads only to those who are interested or your relevant target audience.

Performance Marketing

Thanks to our partnership with Google, we carry out brand promotions on platforms such as Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Display Network (GDN), Youtube, and Gmail.

Performance Native

Performance Native technology is our own Native advertising technology. Native advertising model, which is rapidly becoming one of the digital marketing advertising models, provides much bigger returns than the classic banner advertising thanks to its natural look on websites. Semantic (contextual) technology in our Performance Native product reads the content of the website and enables your ad to be displayed in the content of news which includes the keyword you determined. It provides brand safety feature by using machine learning infrastructure and prevents your brand from appearing in a negative content that may create a negative perception.

Media Buying

Media Buying is a must-have classic advertising model of the advertising world. Media buying advances considerably in the digital marketing arena. We make sure that your brand is in the right areas on the right day with our business partnerships, the leading publishing groups and publishers in Turkey.

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Ad Venture Digital was founded in 2015 as a digital advertising initiative to offer the brands its expertise in digital marketing. Since the day it was founded, we have observed that the perception of many companies and employees is different from each other when it comes to Digital Marketing. Therefore, as Ad Venture Digital, our focus has always been enabling the customer to integrate the advertising model they need with the brand they want to promote. We have various departments such as Affiliate Marketing, Google Search Marketing, Programmatic Buying, Data Driven Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Remarketing. Together we decide which of these departments are suitable for your brand for all brands that need sales or new customers in the field of Digital Marketing, and we offer all these platforms and targetings inhouse.


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Co Founder

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COO - Managing Partner

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Financial & Administrative Director

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Accounting Executive

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Executive Assistant

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Kaan Kır

Mobile Operation Director

Rüya Erdoğan

Sr. Affiliate Account Manager

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Sr. Affiliate Account Manager

Ayşe Zeynep Leventoğlu

Jr. Affiliate Account Executive

Betül Turgut

Senior New Business Growth Executive

Necati Sertli

Jr. Performance Specialist

Sezin Emkin

Media Buying Manager

Cansu Haşhaş

Sr. Account Manager

Ayça Rana Türker

Account Specialist

Denizhan Okumuş

Performance Team Leader

Murat Çetindağ

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Oğuzhan Boy

Digital Marketing Executive

Emirhan Bayutmuş

Performance Marketing Executive

Yaren Erdoğan

Performance Marketing Executive

Ecem Özü Öztekin

Performance Marketing Executive

Utku Uzun

Performance Marketing Executive

Alperen Gökalp Kocabaş

CRO Executive

Derin İnaldı

Graphic Designer

Yunus Emre Batur

Senior Graphic Designer

Tuğçe Öztürk

Social Media Team Leader

Beyzanur Demirkapı

Jr. Social Media Executive

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Intern Social Media

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